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We promote YouTube video on culture and diversity. Click on your article of interest to watch the YouTube videos.  Start your online education degree on cultural diversity by learning about various heritage months celebrated in the United States. Hot Topics include:

What is Bicultural?

How is Race Different From Ethnicity?

 How to Love Yourself?

Who Are Filipinos?

What is German American Culture?

Why is Food Important to Culture?

 Is Hispanic an Ethnicity?

Jewish American Heritage Month Facts

What Comes to Mind When you Think of Black History?

What Comes to Mind When You Think of Native Americans?

French Culture in America

What is French Identity?

Caribbean Contributions to America

How Traveling Internationally Can Change Your Perspective

East Asian Beauty Trends

What do we Think of When we Hear the Word Asia?

How Prevalent are the Crime Rates in South Asia?


French Language, Culture, And Identity In America & Beyond

What is the Traditional Food in the Caribbean?

How to Discover the Beauty of America Through the Eyes of Native Americans

Italian American Culture

What is German American Culture?

Is Hispanic an Ethnicity?

Haitian Heritage Month 2022/ Haitian Heritage Month Facts

Jewish American Heritage Month 2022/ Jewish American Heritage Month Facts

Asian Pacific American Heritage Month 2022/Asian Pacific American Heritage Month Facts

Exclusive Articles on Crime and Race

by: Lincoln Sloas, PHD.

  Learn about the when is this heritage month celebrated, the demographics, population in the U.S., notable contributions made by these group of people and more...

February- Black History Month

March-Irish-American Heritage Month

April-Arab American Heritage Month

Scottish American Heritage Month

May-Asian Pacific American Heritage

 Jewish American Heritage Month

Haitian Heritage Month

September Hispanic-Latino Heritage Month

(Sept. 15-Oct. 15)

October-Italian American Heritage Month

November-Native American Heritage Month/American Indian Heritage Month

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